Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Connor and Annaliese volunteer for the summer

Volunteers Connor and Annaliese volunteered with their mom this summer.  With their help, hundreds of pounds of fresh organic produce were delivered to pantry.  Here's what they had to say about their experience.

Guess what our mom made us do this summer? Gardening. We were home this summer, and our mom was a volunteer for the North Hills Community Outreach garden. She decided we should be volunteers too and help other people. At first we were a little doubtful, but it was good. We met new people at the garden, like Ben, Ryan, Mark, Stephanie, and Ms. Rosie. Ben was quiet but helpful. Ryan was going to Penn State for college. Mark was nice, and very helpful. Stephanie was kind, and helpful. Ms. Rosie was the boss, funny, and very helpful.

We also harvested many crops. We had dinosaur skin kale and curly kale. We had regular cucumbers and lemon cucumbers. We also had red, green, neon, orange, and yellow Swiss chard. We also had whitish yellow beans, purple beans, red striped beans, purple striped beans, yellow striped beans, and green beans. We also harvested big corn, watermelon, little yellow cherry tomatoes, strange shaped tomatoes, and big regular tomatoes. We also had Patty pan squash, and original squash. We also had herbs like mint, basil, parsley. We also had beets, little wild strawberries, carrots, and cabbages that are not harvested in the summer.

We got a lot out of helping in the garden. We helped others by delivering fresh produce we harvested from the garden to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry every week. We were happy, sweaty, and dirty. We also got to know people better. We also learned a lot about vegetables. Most importantly, we spent time with our mom!

-          Connor, age 11, and  Annaliese, age 8 (with mom Laura, aka pretty garden boots lady)

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